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Enyx Studios Presents VR Game: A Haunting - Witching Hour

  • CLEVR 1163 East 40th Street - Floor 2R Cleveland, Ohio 44114 United States (map)

CLEVR welcomes Youngstown, Ohio based Enyx Studios for a sneak peak at their Virtual Reality game entitled "A Haunting - Witching Hour". The Enyx team is close to wrapping up development and have decided to give Cleveland a HANDS ON exclusive peak behind the curtain at this groundbreaking game that will be available on Oculus Touch, HTC VIve and Playstation VR.

Game Description

A Haunting : Witching Hour is a storytelling video game of dark horror and desperate survival. An immersive experience finds players discovering – and taking part in – a rich story that explores the dark corners of human nature. It will unfold in episodes, giving players the opportunity to continue to unravel a complex mystery through downloadable content that picks up where the previous episode’s cliffhanger left off.

It is scheduled for release on both PC and console platforms.

Game Features

  • Support for Oculus Rift.
  • Support for Playstation VR.
  • Support for HTC Vive.
  • Playable as a VR and Non-VR game.
  • Released in episodes.
  • Deep backstory.
  • Most emotional ending in a videogame to date.
  • New Episodes will be released as DLC.

Late Addition : Austin Haller presents NEW FRONT

CLEVR welcomes graduating senior Austin Haller from the Cleveland Institute of Art Game Design Program and his thesis NEW FRONT. Austin's goal was to introduce space simulation to a new form of experience. NEW FRONT is designed to introduce innovative controls to pilot a unique spacecraft to navigate and maneuver through a quadrant of space. Players will feel thrill and anxiety as they explore their surroundings while battling against their enemies.

A Note From Austin on NEW FRONT:

Like many games over the years that involve space travel, including several virtual reality examples such as EVE: Valkyrie and Elite Dangerous, 360* navigation and battle will be the highlight of NEW FRONT.

What I have learned from school and work is how to cater visual aesthetic for VR, push the bounds with innovation, and create an immersive world with intelligent controls. My game uses the Oculus Rift along with the Oculus Touch to allow players a precise form of control while piloting the spacecraft, while remaining fun and exciting. I want to use NEW FRONT to put spaceship flight and battle in a new light in the video game world, as well as the “Tessen,” a ship designed specifically for my innovative controls.

Virtual reality is a constantly growing market, and using it as the platform for NEW FRONT is the best possible way to give the world an experience on how spaceship simulation in virtual reality can be experienced.

I want players to not only be immersed in this universe and have tons of fun while in it, but to also feel a sense that they have developed an expertise of “Tessen” control, and that the “Tessen” was made for them. I also want to present an example of how virtual reality can be used to its full potential in a game such as NEW FRONT, and that as virtual reality grows, the limitations on gameplay, simulation, and overall experiences shrink.